Clog Prices


First, see how much your clogs will cost, based on their size.
This is the starting price for gibson lace-ups, one-bars, T-bars or clasp clogs.


Larger children's sizes (clog sizes 12 - 1 inclusive)£90
Adult clogs, clog size 2-8 inclusive£100
Larger adult sizes (clog size 9 and above)£110
Smaller children's sizesPlease ask

Next, choose the leather for your uppers.


Standard chrome split leather.

Has some firmness but quite forgiving. An economical leather with a uniform, matt finish.
Available in black, red and oxblood.
No extra cost
Italian vegetable tanned leather.

Very supple and waxy, with a natural appearance. Will polish to a good shine. Available in black and brown.
+ £20
Waxy pull-up.

A more natural-looking leather with a soft feel.
Available in a variety of bright colours, please ask for availability.
+ £20
Patent leather.

Has a uniform colour and shiny lacquered finish. Lined.
Currently available in red, blue, black or hot pink; please enquire for other colours.
+ £30

What do you want on the bottom of your clogs?


Bare woodNo extra cost
'Indoor' rubbers+ £12
Durable 'outdoor' rubbers+ £16
'Tyre tread' rubbers
(ideal for general wear clogs as they deaden the sound and have good grip)

Anything extra?

Please ask about pricing for overtongues, crimping, additional decorative eyelets, etc. Price depends on complexity.