Community Projects

Art in the community

Using my experience of teaching art to adults, I am able to organise inclusive community projects, for example the Hoylandswaine Community Mural, pictured below.

Hoylandswaine Community Mural
The completed mural on display in the church

In this project, a newly-discovered Pre-Raphaelite mural by John Roddam Spencer Stanhope at Hoylandswaine church was reproduced by members of the community.

I created a large drawing (2m wide x 1.6m high) of the mural, divided up into 20 canvas squares, with each one being distributed to a different individual, group, club or society. These included the local W.I., the village primary school, the local secondary school, my own art students, and numerous individual members of the church and the wider community, from children to octogenarians. One panel even went to Australia and back!

Although it was started before the restoration of the Stanhope mural, using only old photos and research to create it (as the ‘real’ mural was hidden under layers of emulsion!), the Community Mural was unveiled at around the same time as the completion of the restoration of the original. The Community Mural is a surprisingly accurate replica.

Please see the gallery of images below, showing how progress was made.

I oversaw the concept and management of the project, along with helping to write the successful funding bid and providing accurate estimates of my own time and materials expenses. If you have a community arts project which you think would benefit from a similar approach, please get in touch.