Do you remember a time when things were built to last?

I don’t either. But I’m determined to build things to last now, anyway.

My leather goods are all made entirely by hand (and I really mean by hand – even the stitching), using superb quality English leather, to my own distinctive and unmistakeably English designs inspired by the natural world and the Arts & Crafts Movement.

Handbags and Fashion Items

There’s so much to say about this aspect of my leatherwork that I have a dedicated website:


Leather for Folkies

Another head of the Simon Brock hydra, Leather for Folkies is an enterprise dedicated to providing top quality leather goods for the morris dancing and folk music community.


One-offs, Experiments and 2-D Work

When I’m not making bags and belts to my standard designs, I also create more unusual pieces, and bespoke work, and try out different techniques.