Adjustable guitar strap


Sturdy, comfortable and adjustable guitar strap available in a range of colours, with no metal parts that might damage your pride and joy.


Product Description

Available in wine (pictured), brown, black, red or navy. The strap is made of two parts: the wider shoulder strap is a comfortable 2 1/4″ wide and the tail piece is 1″ wide. Adjustment is provided by passing the tail through the appropriate slot in the shoulder strap and back on itself.

Also pictured is a bespoke guitar strap bearing the silver boar and white rose, the heraldic charges of Richard III: an example of custom tooling as well the use of pyrography for the motto. And a strap with only painted decoration: a portrait of Django Reinhardt.

Holes are punched in the ends of both the shoulder strap and the tail piece at 10mm (3/8″ in old money) and with a 16mm relief cut (5/8″-ish) which seems to be suitable for a fairly wide range of guitars and strap locks (strap locks not included). If you need a different sized hole and/or relief cut, this can be accommodated free of charge. Please mention this when ordering or enter such information in the ‘Order Notes’ box at the checkout, if buying online.

A highly customisable item; you too could use your guitar strap to demonstrate your allegiance to a particular medieval king or 1930s jazz guitarist… Please get in touch if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary.