Bagpipe quiver

A smart leather case to transport your bagpipes to gigs, sessions etc. Lighter weight and more stylish than a hard case, the bagpipe quiver will protect your pipes from rain, dirt, knocks, scratches and punctures.


Product Description

Made from 3.0-3.2mm thick leather that’s long-lasting and tough, the bagpipe quiver is the last word in beautiful bagpipe transportation solutions.

The rigid, hand-stitched tube will keep your pipes safe from most accidental damage, dust and water – but possibly not from trapping in your car door, or from malicious knife attacks at sessions by locals who just came in for a quiet pint… Fitted with an interference fit lid with three buckled retaining straps, one of which can be left fastened to create a sort of hinge.

The fully adjustable, detachable shoulder strap can be worn over one shoulder; or across the body, in the style of an archer’s quiver (hence the name); both are pictured here.

This item is made to order to fit your own pipes when they are dismantled for moving around to gigs, sessions etc. Brown and black leather cases are always possible, with a large variety of stitching colours and a choice of metalwork.

Other colours are available too; and as with much of my work, there are great possibilities for personalisation. The quivers pictured are:

  • Brown case with simple text embossing on the lid so the user can tell at a glance what its contents are!
  • End cap tooled with custom image of a piping pig: a customer’s own design, inspired by a medieval misericord.
  • Bagpipe quiver made from undyed leather with bespoke tooling on the body and monogramming to the lid.
  • Black quiver with internal pockets for transporting whistles.
  • ‘Double quiver’ – an unusually-shaped, large case for two sets of pipes in chestnut leather, complete with external accessories pocket.

As this is only available as a bespoke item please get in touch to discuss your requirements. Prices start at around £300: this is based on a straightforward tube with an internal length of approximately 2’6″ and diameter of 6″, and includes the shoulder strap.