Bell pads

Every side has different requirements for bell pads (colour, shape, size, number of bells, straps, laces, adjustment method etc.) so please get in touch.

Product Description

Ideally, trace round an existing bell pad that you’d like to replicate and send the drawing in the post along with a couple of photos – or better yet send an actual bell pad that fits and meets your requirements.

For an idea of cost, the bell pads shown in the main pictures here, supplied without bells, would be about £25 per pair. This is typical for most designs I have been asked to make.

Also pictured are ankle bell pads made for an African drumming circle.

Discounts available for multiple/team orders. If ordering a sufficient quantity, it is possible to have tooling made to make manufacture quicker and reduce the price considerably.

Please note that I can supply bells, but I get mine from the One Stop Morris Shop and it’s normally easier if you do likewise as I can’t offer any discounts on their prices!