Terms & Conditions

‘I’ and ‘me’ refers to Simon Brock trading as Simon Brock Clog Maker & Leatherworker, at the address given on the Contact page of this website. ‘You’ refers to you (customers or potential customers or users of this website.)


Updated August 2023

Due to the unpredictability of material prices, the length of lead times, and to preserve my own sanity, as of August 2023 the following terms will apply to any clogs ordered by phone, e-mail, social media or face-to-face:

  1. As lead times routinely exceed 5 months, it is impossible to be accurate about the dates by which clogs will be finished. I can offer a vague indication of lead times and I will always try my best to meet reasonable deadlines, but there are no guarantees.
  2. The cost of clogs will be whatever the current price is at the time they are made. I normally increase prices around March, but due to the volatility of material costs this is always under review.
    Before starting your clogs, I will let you know if the price will be different from the one quoted when you ordered. You have the option to cancel the order if the new price is unacceptable.

Ordering clogs and bespoke leather goods

Due to the complex nature of clogs and items such as custom tooled instrument straps, there is currently no option to purchase them using the online shop system. This means that we must come to an agreement about size, colour, style, fitting and everything else before work begins. Normally this is done by e-mail exchange or Facebook/Instagram messages. If clogs or leather goods are ordered over the phone, I will e-mail you the specifications and/or clarify them on an invoice, before I start work on your clogs.

Paying for clogs

A deposit (normally approximately 20% of the total cost) is normally charged for clogs ordered in person or by e-mail/phone/social media. Unless we have agreed otherwise in writing, this deposit will need to be paid before work begins on your clogs. Once work has started, a refund of the deposit is at my discretion and a refund will not normally be offered for clogs which deviate in any way from a standard size.

Full payment is required before dispatch of the clogs.

Returns and refunds of clogs

The exact terms of sale may differ between customers, but you should assume that they fall into one of the following four categories:

  • Clogs bought from stock: If you tried on stock clogs at a festival or other event and bought them, but later decide you don’t want them, then you can return them. As long as they arrive in perfect resaleable condition I will refund you for the clogs, but not for any postage costs incurred.
  • Standard sized clogs bought via e-mail, phone etc: If you order clogs at a standard size without trying them on first, and later decide you don’t want them, then it will normally be possible to return them as above unless they are a very unusual colour and/or style and will therefore be difficult to re-sell.
    It is your responsibility to make sure that my standard sized clogs do, in fact, fit you: this can be done by visiting the workshop to try on clogs, or trying on clogs made by me that belong to others, etc.
  • Made-to-measure clogs (from drawings & measurements supplied by you): if the clog fits the drawings but doesn’t fit you then we need to talk to see if the issue can be resolved; please be aware that if the acuuracy of the drawings is to blame, then a full refund or replacement may not be possible.
  • Made-to-measure clogs (from drawings & measurements taken by me): if these don’t fit, then again we need to talk but in this case the fault is mine and I will do my best to resolve the issue in a timely manner; typically this means making the clogs again.

In any event, please contact me about any problems with clogs: they can normally be resolved amicably and to everyone’s satisfaction.

Ordering through the online shop

If you buy online – or based entirely on information you have seen online – then most transactions are covered by The Consumer Contracts Regulations (2014).

If your item(s) arrives damaged or doesn’t arrive at all, you can have a refund or replacement and we’ll get into the details of that if it happens. Let’s hope it doesn’t.

Ordering leather goods by phone, e-mail, post, Facebook or face-to-face

All orders placed by these methods will be confirmed in writing either by e-mail or post or via Facebook messenger, and I will make items according to the specification we’ve agreed. If the item then doesn’t meet what we agreed, a refund or exchange will be offered. However, if the item is made as agreed but is unsuitable because of mistakes on your part (e.g. wrong sizes given) then any refund, replacement or non-chargeable adaptation will be at my discretion.

Payment in full is required before dispatch and a deposit (normally approximately 20% of the total cost) is normally requested before work begins for larger or more unusual items.


Personal information entered whilst using the online shopping cart and checkout systems is stored by the site, and in my dusty tomes of customers’ names. This is all done by that most delicious method of data harvesting: cookies. Without this information, online transactions can’t be made.

I am not responsible for what third parties do with your data, though; so if you’re buying through the PayPal checkout make sure you’ve read their Privacy Policy as well if it’s important to you.

The Clognoscenti newsletter is administered by MailChimp. They hold any information you have entered when subscribing to the newsletter online or when signing up to the mailing list in person, but are not allowed to share, disclose or do anything with it other than use it for the purpose of administering the newsletter; except if required by law.

Any personal details you provide during making an online purchase or in e-mail/phone/face-to-face/Facebook/Instagram contact may be used to contact you in the future. Please drop a line at any time to simon@simonbrock.co.uk if you just want to be left alone. You will not be automatically added to the newsletter mailing list when you place an order.

Your personal data will never be given, sold or otherwise deliberately passed on to anyone else by me, except with your prior consent or unless disclosure is required by law.